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"A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.”
— Lemony Snicket, Horseradish (via observando)




(June 12, 2014) After watching volleyball try-outs at school, I asked permission to my parents to pay a visit in Monte Cafe (which I was eyeing for months!) to spend me time and study session for couple of hours.

Mom dropped me by inside then boom… I was free! The minute I finished…

Jake Habitan


Nagugulat din ako sa sarili ko dahil hindi ko inakalang magiging ganito lang kasimple ang lahat - walang sakit, walang lungkot, malaya, maligaya. Tama nga, when you learn to love yourself, you will learn to save yourself from the unnecessary pain. You know your worth na, e.

And you will also know what you have given up. You will learn that it will be easy to give up on people who have long given up on you, on people who have long made you feel that you should give up on yourself. You find your worth on people who can show you your worth, and treasure it, instead of them taking advantage of who you are, of what you have, of everything about you with them giving less and expecting more.

Simple lang naman ang mantra ng buhay: be happy. Be happy and everything else will follow. Tama nga, we should never depend our happiness and contentment on things that are ephemeral. Iyong mga maglalahong bagay dahil that will only make your sense of completeness fleeting. You can always make yourself happy and other people happy and let them make you happy, too.

I have learned that it is only I who can do the saving to myself, and it works. I have saved myself from a relationship that only lives in words and broken promises, with expectations not translated to actions, with everyday going with the feeling that someone has been fed up with everything about you. Remember everyone, do not stay with people who will make you feel like shit dahil pinagsawaan ka na. Remember, tao ka, and you don’t deserve na pagsawaan kfter kunin ng ibang tao ang lahat ng meron ka, after baguhin ng ibang tao ang mga bagay tungkol sa iyo, after mo ipagpalit ang mga bagay bagay sa ibang mga tao. You don’t deserve that - hindi ka kailangang pagsawaan lalo na if in the first place, hindi ka nagsawa sa isang taong, ika nga ng iba ay kasawasawa.

Always be happy, and believe me, I am. :)


i love boys with with really strong accents like irish or scottish. i don’t have a clue what they’re saying. i love it. i hate hearing a coherent boy. i don’t actually care about what you have to say.



it sucks being the ugly quiet rude sarcastic emotionally unstable friend with the attention span of a goldfish

i’ve never read something so accurate


There are days when my current is strong and I can’t be calmed.

"You will be stupid. You will worry your parents. You will question your own choices, your relationships, your jobs, your friends, where you live, what you studied in college, that you went to college at all… If that happens, you’re doing it right.”
— Ira Glass  (via pure-ecstasyyy)


why can’t periods just last for like an hour, like okay you’ve made your point, I’m not pregnant you can leave now